Two Leading RIAs Now on Cutting Edge with Apps in Apple and Android Stores Using Private-Label Technology of Trust Company of America

Posted by Andrea Collatz on January 13, 2012

Denver, CO (January 12, 2012) ‐ In a major breakthrough, Interactive Financial Advisors/IFA (Oak Brook, IL) and Portformulas (Ada, MI) – have become one of the industry’s first RIAs with their own apps in the Apple and Android stores, using private‐label versions of Trust Company of America’s innovative Liberty platform to interface with their clients.

“This is a tremendous development for the RIA community,” said Mike Walters, Principal, Portformulas, “since it addresses today’s most critical issues –transparency and mobility. In the ‘new normal’, our clients want information 24/7 at their fingertips and that’s exactly what we can now give them, anytime, anywhere.”

Joanne Woiteshek, Principal, IFA, agreed, adding that “having our brand name on such cutting‐edge technology is an awesome value‐add to client service. Now, we and our clients are looking at the same screen, with the same information at the same time…all of which takes credibility and transparency to a new level.”

“We’re living in a mobile world,” noted Walters, ”and these apps put us in the vanguard of today’s technology, while building our brand at the same time.”

“Even better, this comes to us at no cost and was put in place in less than two weeks,” explained Woiteshek. “The process started with a preliminary session with our Relationship Manager at Trust, after which we sent our graphics and images to Trust’s IT, who then handled everything with the Apple and Android stores.”

Both Walters and Woiteshek affirm this is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive marketplace and although the apps have just been launched, client feedback has been instantaneous and enthusiastic. This technology allows RIAs to work with their clients in a better way –more dynamic, real‐time while having more transparency and less cost.

“Tablets are now a way of life for investors everywhere,” said Walters, “and by aligning our brand to that, Trust has given us the key to even greater growth ahead.”

“When we introduced Liberty last fall,” stated Dennis Noto, Trust’s Chief Information Officer, “our primary aim was to level the playing field for RIAs by giving them an easy‐touse system combining mobility, access, usability, functionality and transparency all in one platform.”

“At the same time,” he concluded, “we wanted the RIAs’ clients to have the equal capability, all with the goal of providing superior client service that ultimately generates growth.”

Based on the initial response, the future has arrived.

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