The Top Reasons to Create a Video for Your RIA

Posted by Andrea Collatz on August 28, 2012

Thinking of integrating video into your website? Or maybe you’re curious about starting a YouTube channel? Or maybe the idea of foraying into video makes you more terrified than a baby watching mom blow her nose.

Whatever your stance, video is undoubtedly becoming a popular trend among advisors. It’s a trend that is helping advisors communicate with clients in new ways, while expanding their reach to prospects.

Consumption of online video continues to grow, in fact over four billion hours of video are viewed each month on YouTube alone. With the rising consumption of online video, more advisors are eager to adopt it as part of their marketing strategy, or simply as a better way to communicate their business processes to clients.  Here are some of the top reasons to add video to your online strategy:  

1.  Put a face to the company 

When a client visits your website, they want to get a feel for you and your business. Video is a great way to showcase your firm’s approach, while also displaying your personality in a way you can’t convey through writing alone. Video gives your website a more personal tone, and helps visitors get a better sense for your approachability, confidence, and credibility. See how we describe our business approach in the video A Service Model for Advisor Growth 

2.  People want to watch rather than read 

Prospects have a short attention span. They often don’t have the patience to wade through loads of content. A concise video on your homepage can be a great way to introduce your firm, staff, and approach in a way that is easy for prospects to view. The truth is, not everyone wants to read about your business. They want to see and get a feel for it. By offering written content and video content on your website, you can appeal to a wider range of prospects while making your website more interactive and dynamic.

3.  Connect with clients and prospects in new ways 

There are many different ways to use video. Some advisors create short, instructional videos on how to fill out forms, showing common areas that clients miss or are confused by. Directing clients to these videos makes it easier for the client, and frees up the advisor’s time for other tasks. Other advisors have been successful in creating a YouTube channel, where they post short educational videos for investors, explaining frequently misunderstood topics – for example, the difference between different retirement plans. Still others have found video to be a successful way to market their company. However you decide to use video, and whichever audience you decided to target, it can be a fun and effective way to differentiate your business.

4.  Expand your reach 

Video is often easier to share than written copy. If you post a video to YouTube, it not only helps people to search for and find your company, it can actually improve your search rankings thanks to Google’s ownership of YouTube. While your video probably won’t ever go viral, making it easy to find and share increases your reach and expands your potential audience.

If you’re curious about adding video to your site, or starting your own YouTube channel, you can begin by researching companies that specialize in creating videos for the financial services industry. They should be able to help you create a professional-quality video you can use for years to come, and they can also help you navigate some of those tricky compliance issues.

Have you created an online video for your business? What benefits have you seen as a result?

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