How Outsourced Performance Reporting Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Andrea Collatz on August 22, 2012

As an advisor, you have enough on your plate without hassling with performance reports. Performance reporting can be one of those aspects of your business that takes time away from being able to focus on your core competencies. However, a good performance reporting tool can be a boon for your business – one that frees up your time while delivering on client needs.

Whether you spend too much time each day on reporting, or want to give your clients better reporting information and greater transparency, an advanced reporting solution can help meet your needs as well as your clients’.

Trust partners with Black Diamond Performance Reporting to deliver advanced reporting to advisors and their clients. Black Diamond integrates with Trust’s single sign-on Liberty platform to provide better reporting and easy monitoring of your entire book of business – even across custodians. Black Diamond also gives advisors the ability to:

  • Attract new assets – by providing clients and prospects with easy-to-use reports that can be generated in seconds. These reports help create communication lines vital to any advisor’s success. Additionally, the reports can demonstrate your performance or your firm’s performance over time versus the market to show your value-add as a wealth manager.
  • Grow existing assets – by closely monitoring portfolio and advisor holdings and exposure levels, close monitoring helps reduce risk and ensure conformity with investment targets.
  • Increase productivity – outsourcing reconciliation of all investment performance data via an automated interface eliminates the need to train employees to use manual report building software. By eliminating this time consuming task, you have more time to focus on relationships and other tasks that make your business profitable.

Having the time to spend growing your relationships with current and prospective clients is key to business success. If performance reporting is taking up too much of your time, you may want to look at switching to an outsourced solution that can handle your reporting needs.

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