9 Ways to Double [Even TRIPLE] Your Leads Online!

Posted by Andrea Collatz on March 19, 2013

Originally posted by Financial Social Media.

By: Amy Mcilwain 

We live in a day and age where people flock to the internet for just about everything—answers to questions, entertainment, consumer research, shopping, social interaction, and so much more. While people used to physically visit or schedule calls to find financial advisors, they are going to the internet more and more to conduct research and find answers. Even more, they are going to the internet to research and educate themselves about their hottest questions as they relate to financial planning and retirement.

Given the reality that the internet is a consumer and research mecca, how can you create a good first impression, provide leads with valuable information, and get them more involved with your firm/company? Here are 9 small and quick things that can make your lead gen efforts skyrocket!

1. Do webinars and promote them on your website: Webinars are an awesome lead generation strategy. Not only do you build thought leadership, but you also acquire a strong list of leads that you can stay in front of. After our webinars, we aim to network and build stronger relationships with those that attended.

2. Make your level of expertise prominent: What makes you’re a credible, reliable, and sought after advisor? Who works with you? Where has your content been featured? What books have you written? Have you been on radio shows or television? Make sure all of your credentials are visible and prominent on your website and bios that you put on social media.

3. Create offers and calls-to-action: Did you know that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10? (HubSpot) Creating offers is one of the strongest ways to bolster your lead generation initiatives. Offers can come in the form of downloadable ebooks & whitepapers, access to webinars, or opt-ins for eNewsletters. Once people sign up to receive the offer, you can continue to market to these individuals with automated email funnel campaigns and invitations to future events and webinars.

4. Circulate your blog well and add a CTA at the end of it: Simply writing a blog is not enough to generate leads. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your blogs, it’s important to not only circulate it well, but also add CTA’s at the end of the blog. You need to have points of entry in virtually all of your marketing efforts.

5. Do a case study and promote it: People are very interested in statistics and the narratives of other like-minded people. Do a case study that piques the interest of your audience while simultaneously conveying the value of your products and services. At the end of the case study add a CTA!

6. Create a video about your business and promote it: Videos are great avenues for introducing people to your business. As a financial advisor, you can use videos to give an overview of yourself and your company. You can also use them to discuss pressing topics—like saving for retirement, taxes, and college savings.

7. Offer FREE consultations/meetings: Free consultations and meetings are a great way to get people into the door without the weight and anxiety of commitment. Getting on the phone and/or meeting with prospects are a great way of addressing questions and objections without bouncing emails back and forth. Also, the communication is more likely to be effective because there will be the added input of voice inflections. Even if the consultation doesn’t lead to a sale, there are likely some insights you will gain from the conversation.

8. Create a LinkedIn group that your target market would be interested in joining: Groups are an awesome way to build and facilitate conversations that are of interest to your industry peers and your prospects. Just think—what exactly are your prospects interested in? What do they share in common? What do they want to learn more about? Create a group on LinkedIn that will attract your prospects—you will have a mecca of leads.

9. Treat LinkedIn products and services pages like landing pages: Have you utilized the products and services page within LinkedIn company pages? This is a great avenue to promote your products and implement calls-to-action on your LinkedIn page. For example, instead of putting “Retirement Planning” as a service, put “Create Your Retirement Plan Today!”

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