Tune in to a more client-centric practice

Think about the last time you had a positive customer service experience. What made you feel good about dealing with that company? You most likely were impressed by how quickly they served you, how easy they were to work with, or how they treated you with special and personalized care.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of running your practice, channeling how your clients will view their experience is critical. According to Cerulli Associates, firms executing on client-centric strategies tend to build greater trust among clients, have lower attrition rates, and can more easily move upmarket. However, only 30 percent of advisors said they would characterize their firm as client-centric by going “above and beyond to make clients feel special.”1


The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Successful Podcasting

Successful independent financial advisors are always looking for new ways to grow their businesses. Some advisors look beyond traditional marketing vehicles like print and broadcast media to new channels, including podcasting.

When done well, podcasts can be an effective marketing tool....

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How financial advisors can improve the quantity and quality of their website traffic

As an independent financial advisor, you know that competition is stiff. There is no shortage of options out there for anyone looking for financial advice. And with the personal financial advisor group expected to grow at an above-average pace of 15% between 2018 and 2024,* the race to win and...

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The benefits of account aggregation – How to choose the right tool for your firm

More and more independent financial advisors have started using account aggregation tools. Account aggregation software automatically gathers information from your clients’ accounts at different financial institutions and presents it along with custodied assets on a consolidated platform...

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