Tips for Making a Successful Career Transition in the New Year

Posted by Andrea Collatz on January 15, 2013

Making a career change can be daunting for any advisor. To better help you make a transition, Trust Company of America is launching Advisor Pathways, a program designed to provide the tools and consulting needed to make a successful career change. Advisor Pathways is specifically geared to serve the needs of advisors looking to:

  • breakaway and form their own RIA
  • join an existing RIA
  • sell their business and exit the market

Once you’ve chosen a direction, Trust provides a variety of supportive resources including full access to Trust’s compliance department, back office support, RIA-branded statements, custody, leading technology, and a simplified conversion process. You’ll also benefit from Trust’s non-competitive partnership, in which Trust fully aligns with you in your growth.

Learn more about how you can successfully make a transition in your career today.

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