Tips for Generating Leads on Linkedin

Posted by Trust Company of America on August 8, 2013

You don’t have to spend a ton of time on Linkedin in order to be effective, it is more important that you are consistent. Try to set aside about 15 - 30 minutes each week to review your Linkedin connections and groups and engage when you have the opportunity. After a couple of months of this, you should see a return in the number of leads you generate from Linkedin and website visits generated from Linkedin (as long as you promote your web address). If you create a Linkedin company page, you will be able to get various analytics that will show you exactly how many visits you’ve had to your Linkedin company page, % increase/decrease, etc.

  1. Company page: A company page gives more visibility to your products and services and easily directs people from Linkedin to your website. It’s also a good way to keep your followers up to date on company and industry news.
  2. Use groups: If you’re looking to target a specific group of people, such as attorneys, HR professionals, 401k, or small businesses, join groups catering to that audience. Once in a group, you can participate in discussions to add value, or reach out to certain members who may be in need of your services.
  3. Engage: Post regular status updates, share articles you think are interesting, comment on other’s activity and participate in group discussions. Position yourself as a thought leader by showcasing your knowledge and expertise in order to stay top-of-mind.
  4. Second degree connections: If you’re looking to target specific people, you can leverage the connections you already have. Look at the connections of the people you’re already connected to (your second degree connections). If you see someone you are interested in talking to, ask your mutual connection to give you an introduction.
  5. Advanced search: Linkedin’s advanced search function can help you locate specific types of people who may be out of your network. You can also use the Linkedin Advanced Search function to locate specific groups of people in your area. Advanced search also scans your second, and third degree connections as well as members of your groups to locate the people you’re looking for. Once you find someone you want to meet, you can send them an InMail, or ask a mutual connection for an introduction.


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