Liberty Platform: Now Featuring Household Reporting

Posted by Mark Piquette on January 14, 2014

Household reporting functionality in Liberty

Do you work with multiple people in the same family? Do any of your family clients have multiple accounts? Have you ever wished you could view all of the account information for a household in one convenient, easy-to-navigate menu?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might be interested to know that Trust Company of America has unveiled household reporting features within the Liberty platform. Liz Hayden, Director of Product Management for Trust Company of America, walked through some of the new features in a video tutorial. You can watch the webinar on householding functionality here.

Because household members may use different surnames and a household may have different addresses, using technology to streamline management of accounts can be a crucial timesaver for advisors.

The household section gives representatives a consolidated view of all accounts within an individual household. Representatives can now view at a glance all pertinent information associated with a particular household, including contact information, account and tax ID numbers, family members, account types, individual account values, and the total value of all household accounts. (See screenshot)

Within each household page, advisors can customize information as they like. There is a field to describe the household’s risk profile, a section for review information, a section for general financial information and a section for miscellaneous notes. Advisors can even track communications and view any scheduled actions associated with the household.

If you are interested in using Liberty’s household reporting information, contact your relationship manager. For a more detailed breakdown of the new features, view the “New Household Features” webinar on the resources page.

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