Easy ways to improve your website

Posted by Pete Muckley on August 29, 2016

One of the primary goals of your website is likely to make connections with prospects who will eventually become clients. It’s also likely that you put your website together years ago and have made few, if any, changes to it over the years. You keep thinking how you need to update your site, add some new content, take down some old content, and maybe even give the design and navigation a face lift. Sadly, like most advisors, you never seem to get around to it.

Many advisor websites are not designed in an effective manner to bring in new business and are commonly missing key opportunities. Here are some practical ideas you can consider to improve your website and turn it into a more effective lead generational tool.

First of all, you should revisit the importance of having a clean, professional website that properly represents your business. Think about it: When a client makes a referral, the first thing the prospect will do is Google you and your business. These potential clients want to find out more about you and what your value proposition is.

Similarly, as you endeavor to develop strategic alliances with CPAs and other networking opportunities, these centers of influence will also be reviewing your website. Like it or not, your website speaks volumes about your business. It needs to be professional, easy to navigate and responsive – optimized for mobile devices like smart phones. Studies show that many consumers now search for information about an advisor prior to making a decision to first meet with the advisor. The advisor's website maybe the first chance he or she has at making a good impression on a prospect.

When updating your website, you need to ask yourself what goals do you want your website to accomplish for your business and its visitors. Are there any unanswered questions, or needs, the prospects might have that need to be addressed? You should take the time to keep the content fresh and make sure your website is easy to navigate. For example, are the pages connected the best way?

Consider your site's architecture. The navigation should support what visitors are looking for when they hit your site, information should be organized as strong themes with supporting content, and pages should be linked throughout the site in a way that maintains the individual themes.

Consider adding a blog to your website to optimize your site for Google's freshness algorithms. The more often you publish, the greater your chances of being picked up and displayed in search results. So create a publishing calendar to help you set blog posting goals and then stick to them. To create fresh content, you want to create posts that comment on current relevant topics and events in the news. Of course, you’ll always want to get Compliance approval before posting any new content.

Make sure your website functions on smart phones and other mobile devices as well as it functions on a desktop. If prospects have to spend extra time to zooming in and out of their phone to read your website content, they are going to give up and find a better site.

De-clutter and simplify your webpages. Make the design of your pages more visual and less text-heavy. Make sure your content is relevant and well organized. You want your website to be easy to navigate with lots of white space and provide visitors with essential information in the least amount of time.

Consider adding video to your website. Using well-produced videos on the site can create a more interesting and dynamic experience for the visitor.

A lot of advisors' websites could have a stronger, more well-thought-out calls to action on their websites. They could include form fields that enable visitors to request a meeting and another form field section that enables clients to make referrals.

You can add Google Analytics to your site to analyze current site performance and figure out what people are doing on your site. This tool can help reveal the key words are bringing traffic to your site so you can make sure you add more.

Finally, you can use a site performance ranking tool like Woorank to grade your website and get recommendations on how to improve your site.

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