The Company Brand vs. Your Personal Brand

Posted by Mark Piquette on November 26, 2013

Whose brand goes first? 

At Trust Company of America (TCA), we believe you know what’s best for your business. That’s why all of our offerings—whether it’s our technology platforms, mobile apps or client statements—are branded for your company, not ours.

The large wirehouses and custodians clearly don’t share our philosophy. A recent article in Financial Advisor IQ highlights the challenge advisors at the big firms face establishing their personal brand in the imposing shadow of the company brand.

The wirehouses, believing the company name takes primacy over the name of the advisor, impose significant restrictions on what advisors can do to promote themselves. As a result, it’s difficult for one Morgan Stanley advisor to differentiate him or herself from the 17,000 other Morgan Stanley advisors.

The article explains that some of the big firms will negotiate with advisors on a case-by-case basis, allowing a local branch to have a more attractive website, for example, or personalized advisor biographies. But there is a limit to how far the wirehouses will go.

At TCA we get it. Many people like having the big brand behind them; putting your name on the door can be scary. But those looking for a different way, and turn to Trust Company of America, will find they have an ally committed to helping them grow their business the way they envisioned and with their own brand. It is why our tagline is “be more you” and not “be more us”.

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