Best Practices for Video Marketing

Posted by Mark Piquette on February 11, 2014

With more than 300,000 financial advisors in the US, independent advisors are increasingly challenged to differentiate themselves from the crowd.  

Video, produced professionally and executed with the care that you put into serving clients, provides a dynamic platform for engaging with existing and potential clients. Here are four points to keep in mind to produce a video that pops.

Video Length

The most effective videos are between one and three minutes in length. Videos longer than three minutes run the risk of being boring or difficult to watch; videos shorter than one minute fail to take full advantage of the medium.

Prepare a Script

Decide on a topic and prepare a script. Advisor videos tend to cover one of three topics: an introduction of the firm and/or its staff, an explanation of the investment methodology, or an explanation of some investment product or concept.

You should practice your script out loud to get a sense of timing and to get a feel for any problematic words or phrases. Have your compliance team review your script to ensure it is in accordance with regulatory guidelines. A teleprompter, which TCA can provide, will help you stay on message during filming.

Think About Visual Aids

As you write your script, think about what graphics or visuals could enhance your presentation. Are you talking about investment allocations? Consider using a graph or chart to illustrate your point.  The purpose of video is to present information in a way that is engaging; you won’t accomplish that keeping the camera fixed on your face while you recite a script in a monotone voice.

What to Wear

The video is a snapshot of who you are, so you should dress how you normally dress. Solid colors are better, as complicated patterns don’t always translate well to video. If you are shooting more than one video, bring a change of clothes for variety.

Video offers an opportunity to show current and future clients the best your firm has to offer. Follow these guidelines and let TCA help produce your video to ensure you are presenting your firm at its best.

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