Are Your Social Media Posts Boring?

Posted by Andrea Collatz on April 2, 2013

Originally posted by Financial Social Media.

By: Amy Smith

As the marketing manager at Financial Social Media, I constantly face the challenge of producing creative and interesting content that generates interest among our target audience. This not only includes blogging; it also social media, email marketing, webinars, website content, and more!

At times, this can be a pretty significant challenge! I definitely have days where ideas flow like wine and days where I’m as dry as a bone [as I am sure you do too].

After years of overcoming writer’s block and creativity stunts, I’ve developed four guidelines that “boring-proof” your content and attract more followers! I like to call them the 4 E’s! If you follow these four simple rules, you will be on the path of seeing results.

  • Educate: With blogs and social media, you have the power to position yourself as an expert in your field with a variety of mediums. For example, with your blog or social media posts you can produce educational content that offers facts, tips, insights, and news about your services and piques the interest of your target audience. On Twitter, you can keep your audience up to date on breaking news and the “here and now”. Regardless of the interface, be the go-to resource for your target market.
  • Empower: Traditional marketing mediums like magazine articles, billboards, and television commercials pump people with information, but fail to empower them to grow. With content marketing, your business has the opportunity to empower people with tools, insider information, and resources needed to be successful in their financial lives. This may come in the form of financial calculators, educational webinars, coaching calls, podcasts, blogs or videos. More simply, empowering consists of offering better customer service. If you haven’t already, you will soon learn that many people use social media to ask questions, research, and address concerns. By being available on social networks, you will be steps ahead of the game when it comes to being a thought leader and vehicle for growth for your prospects.
  • Entertain: Another element of strong social media and content marketing is that it’s fun! Many advisors fail to realize and embrace the light-hearted, entertaining nature of social media. It’s not all about black and white, cut and dry business marketing. You can branch out and post jokes, quotes, images, videos, polls, factoids, and questions to drive engagement with your audience. As long as it aligns with your goals and business expertise, it’s a wise idea to seek ways to entertain. (From my experience, funny posts get some of the most traction. Especially on Facebook.)
  • Engage: Engagement is a key element that separates traditional marketing from content marketing. Just think, if you drive by a billboard—do you see people standing around it engaging in dialogue about it? No. Static marketing leaves no room for conversation; content and social media marketing is a conversation. By posting blogs, Facebook statuses, tweets, videos, and content on LinkedIn, you are setting the stage for important conversations. Make sure to facilitate the conversations you start and keep them going. Even consider building a forum-like atmosphere where people come to discuss pressing concerns and voice their questions.

If you’re dragging your feet when it comes to creating content and scheduling posts, take the 4 E’s 

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