Advisor Technology that Gives a Holistic View of Your Book of Assets

Posted by Andrea Collatz on April 9, 2013

A notable feature of TCAdvisor, is the versatility of the platform. Advisors can access the Consolidated Asset Management (CAM) screen, which is the best way to get a bird’s eye view of their entire book of assets. Advisors can also create block trades in bulk for an asset across multiple models, or quickly sell multiple assets. This enables the flexibility for the advisor to quickly respond to market conditions. Information available from the CAM screen includes:

  • View asset details by model or by security.
  • See the detail under each model, including what securities are held.
  • See market value, price, the shares available, the goal percentage in the model, and information on existing orders.
  • Include the null model for viewing.
  • Select whether to show securities in the model that have zero goal percentage and no current position.
  • Advisors who choose to do so can use the CAM screen to make block trades.

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