3 Ways Blogs Help Advisors Generate New Leads

Posted by Andrea Collatz on January 29, 2013

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Blogs are an excellent tool for generating new leads when they’re executed well. If you’re not convinced that blogging is worth the time or effort, or that it has any impact on lead generation, think again. Blogs are a highly effective tool for attracting new and returning visitors to your site, ultimately leading to more lead generation opportunities for you.

To take full advantage of the lead generation potential of your blog, be sure you’re executing on the three key lead generation opportunities below:


Google loves blogs. A blog keeps your website updated with fresh content, meaning that Google will crawl it more often and is more likely to rank it higher in search. You can further help your rankings by optimizing the use of keywords in your posts, posting consistently, tagging, and including links.

Higher search rankings means more web traffic, and greater lead generation potential. Also be sure to link your website to your blog so visitors are encouraged to learn more about your firm. Learn more about optimizing your SEO in the post SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Basics for Advisors.

Attract the Right Type of Web Traffic

A blog gives you the editorial freedom to deep dive into topics that you specialize in. Unlike your website, which typically uses a more formal, ”hard sell” marketing approach, your blog allows you to ”soft sell” by sharing your expertise in certain subjects while also subtly promoting your services. For example, if you specialize in retirement or charitable planning, you may focus most of your posts around those subjects while including links to pages on your site relating to those subjects. Targeting topics surrounding your areas of expertise means you’re more likely to attract the right kind of audience who is searching for that information, and ultimately, is more likely to become clients.

If you’re not sure which topics to focus on in your blog, it can be helpful to have a tracking system such as Google Analytics in place to measure the types of posts visitors click most. You can learn more about Google Analytics in the post The Three Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Measuring. The insight you gain from Google Analytics can help you tailor your blog strategy to deliver content your audience is most interested in.

Promote Your Blog in Social Media

If you’re investing time in creating a blog (it is an investment!) you want to be sure you’re promoting your blog as much as possible to attract new readers and subscribers. Sharing your blog posts on social media is a great way to generate traffic to your blog. You can even set up your blog to auto-post to social media to take out the work on your end. According to a HubSpot survey, companies that auto-post their blogs to social media generate 50% more leads than those who don’t. This is also a great option for advisors who want to have a social media presence but struggle with content generation. Also be sure to include social sharing icons on your blog so visitors can share your posts with their networks (Note: check with your compliance department before starting a social media program).

How has your blog helped you generate new leads?

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