13 Powerful Social Media Stats and Trends to Know for 2013

Posted by Andrea Collatz on January 2, 2013

Originally posted by Financial Social Media

By: Amy McIlwain

For the past several years, social media has been a conversation that was spoken of being as a “new” phenomenon. At first, people adapted to the new technologies, then businesses, and then virtually all relevant entities. Now that over one-third of the world is acquainted with social media, we are approaching an era where people and businesses are harnessing it and weaving it into their daily routines. The question of “why” is dissolving as the question of “how” emerges. As we enter 2013, social media will continue to evolve and grow in new ways. Here are 13 powerful factoids for your business to consider as 2013 approaches.

  • Facebook is now the 3rd largest country in the world—tipping the scales at 1 billion strong. (Qualman)
  • Social media is now the #1 activity on the web—just think of all the other popular activities that used to reign supreme online. Now, social media is king. (Qualman)
  • The Ford Explorer Launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad. This illustrates just how powerful social network can be in brand exposure. I wouldn’t be shocked if television ads became passé in the years to come. (Qualman)
  • Speaking of passé, Generation Y and Z now consider email passé. Their new medium of communication? You guessed it—Twitter and Facebook. (Qualman)
  • Kindergarteners are learning on Ipads. (Qualman)
  • Every second, two new members join LinkedIn. It’s time to start actively participating. (Qualman)
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! Next to Google. (Qualman)
  • 53% of people on Twitter mention products and/or services in their tweets. Are you aware of what people are saying about your business? (Qualman)
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations—and many peers are on social media—only 14% trust advertisements. (Qualman)
  • According to Robert Murray, author of “It’s Already Inside: Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success”, companies are going to start focusing on being “remarkable” in 2013. This means they are going to capitalize on what they are better than then any other competitor and use those qualities on social media. (BusinessNews Daily)
  • According to business expert Seth Lieberman of SnapApp, brands are going to become publishers. In recent years, businesses have gotten acquainted with blogging and content creation. In the upcoming years, content marketing will be a must for businesses if they want to have a powerful online presence. (BusinessNews Daily)
  • According to Adrian Sevitz of Vzaar, social mobile consumption will continue to soar. Now that smart phones are mainstream, many businesses are honing in on the opportunity to reach their audience at all times. This is a huge area of opportunity for advisors as well. Also, because YouTube is growing—it’s going to be essential for financial professionals to make a stronger YouTube presence. (BusinessNews Daily)
  • Since the dawn of social media, ROI and KPI have (as you’ve probably noticed) hazy areas. As we approach 2013, many businesses will develop solid KPI’s and metrics by which to measure growth and success. Instead of merely engaging, there will be a stronger emphasis on the bottom line and business outcomes. (BusinessNews Daily)

How do you plan to improve your social media presence in 2013?

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