With the rise of so-called robo-advisors such as Betterment, Wealthfront and Ellevest in recent years, independent financial advisors now have a new form of competition that didn’t exist all that long ago. The advent of robos have made it more important than ever for you to take advantage of your “human touch” that automated investment solutions like robo-advisors can’t provide.

But before you dismiss this technology as nothing more than competition, you may want to consider how you can take advantage of the efficiencies that robos provide and incorporate a digital support tool into your business. This could help streamline investment management and risk profiling and expedite new client onboarding, especially for smaller accounts on which you can’t afford to spend as much time.

Available tools can help you handle the administrative tasks involved in new account openings and back-office tasks more efficiently. They enable you to scale your...

Texting with clients: How to remain in regulatory compliance

Thanks to technology, the way people communicate with each other has changed drastically over the past decade. Of particular note has been the rise in the use of text messaging as a communication medium.

Most people now have text capabilities on their mobile phones and data plans with...

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How to Make Your Small Accounts More Profitable

It’s a dilemma faced by virtually all independent financial advisors today: squeezing profitability out of small accounts. Advisors often have to spend just as much time and energy working with small clients as they do large ones.

However, given the lower volume of assets under...

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The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Successful Podcasting

Successful independent financial advisors are always looking for new ways to grow their businesses. Some advisors are looking beyond traditional marketing vehicles like print and broadcast media to new marketing channels, including podcasting.

When done well, podcasts can be an effective...

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Investing in Cryptocurrency: How Should You Advise Your Clients?

How would you respond if one of your clients asked you whether he or she should invest in Bitcoin? Or another cryptocurrency like blockchain?

It’s possible. The value of digital currencies like Bitcoin has skyrocketed, leading some clients to fear that they might be missing out on...

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